Wash Italia has a partnership with both Daerg Chemisty and Lavor Wash. Daerg Chemistry manufacturers world leading chemicals globally and is a technical leader in its field.

Lavor Wash manufacturers state of the art high pressure cleaners. With over 1200 employees, Lavor is a global company with factories in China and Brazil as well as Italy. In addition, Lavor manufacturers a diverse range of product including:

  • Pumps and motors
  • Internal sweepers
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Floor cleaners

In addition to a multitude of other equipment suitable for the vehicle wash industry.


Given the strength and diversity of the Wash Italia Group, we have the necessary skills to ensure your project is delivered on time and to your individual specifications. We are flexible and can manufacture to customer’s needs.


Wash Italia is always at the cutting edge of innovation and is constantly investing in research and development to ensure it is manufacturing world leading products. Wash Italia is known as a pioneer in the vehicle wash industry – particularly in the self serve market. It is this depth of knowledge and commitment to produce leading products that makes Wash Italia an ideal partner in the global wash market.


WASH ITALIA only utilises the highest quality components and manufacturers in Italy uses the latest production techniques. We understand that as our system is being manufactured for the global market we need to provide high-end customer support. Our after sales service is one of our highest priorities and we understand that our interaction with our customer goes well beyond the initial sale. Ongoing customer support is one of our key management focuses and we are proud of our results.


Through the partner companies we have over 30 years experience in the global wash market. Combining the partner companies allows many advantages and economies of scale which we can pass onto our valued customers. We can now offer complete, end-to-end, manufacturing and support to our clients. We are able to offer high end machinery and chemicals to ensure our customer’s experience an industry leading wash solution. We have the strength, vision and determination to deliver the highest quality, cutting edge vehicle wash system both in Italy and abroad.