This product is ideal for fleets of commercial and industrial vehicles in both the public and private sector that require frequent washing. The system is easily customised to be able to effectively wash a large variety of vehicle types from – buses, coaches, tractors and trailers, trucks or trailers. The system is available in several configurations, models and options to ensure optimal washing results in all types of commercial and industrial vehicles.

The CICLOPE is a mobile portal, in that the vehicle drives to the predetermined position and then remains stationary (parked) while the portal moves back and forth over the entire length of the vehicle. Stacked with innovations, this ‘top of the range unit’ is characterized by its ease of use, flexibility and various other features that make the CICLOPE an exceptional systems for washing commercial and industrial vehicles.


CICLOPE is available in different configurations, models and options in order to guarantee the best result for all types of commercial and industrial vehicles.

Portal with brushes

Portal with brushes with medium/high pressure – on the side

Portal with brushes with medium/high pressure – Total surface

Portal with high-pressure only

All systems come as standard with 3 brushes (two side vertical and a horizontal top). Upon request, variations are available such as 2 brushes (two vertical side) or 5 brushes (four side vertical and a horizontal top).

The Ciclope range offers a complete cleaning solution for all standard-sized vehicles up to 2.90m Width and four models which all washing heights of washing of 3.40m – 4.10m – 4.40m and 4.80m. The binary from . 20m Or 25m allow you to work on vehicles with a maximum length of 14m Or 19.m.


The 3 brushes of the system are utilised to effectively wash the entire surface area of the vehicle. The horizontal bush is utilised for washing the roof of the vehicle whilst the two vertical/lateral brushes wash the sides, front and back (with an overlapping movement).

The high end, Ciclope version which incorporates HIGH PRESSURE, has the flexibility of both touch-less technology and using the 3 brushes (for example, washing brushes of the sides, and touch-less high pressure to the front, the roof and the rear of the vehicle).

Both versions are available for the media pressure to 60 bar with jet nozzles fixed flat. For the washing cycle touch-less, is generally carried out a passage to distribute the manufactured chemical emollient, expects the reaction time of the chemical product and is a step with jets of water at medium-high pressure that effectively remove stubborn dirt.


  • MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The structure of the system is hot dip galvanised. The fixing screws are stainless steel to ensure maximum protection against corrosion. The portal is driven by two motors controlled by an PLC with integrated inverter for smoother more efficient movement.ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The electrical control panel is mounted on the side of the machine. The panel complies with current EC legislation and includes: Mounted in an insulated cabinet (IP55) with door, lock and safety switch – Each motor includes protection against overload and short circuit – Engines with unified voltage – Auxiliary Circuit and low voltage

    HORIZONTAL BRUSH: Movement of the brush is managed by an electronic control system which controls both the power and the pressure. Rotation is controlled by a geared motor.

    SIDE BRUSHES: The side brush movement is electro-mechanically traction controlled. There is electronic control over the system in relation to power and pressure of the brushes over the surface. The brush control allows for independent oscillation in both side and vertical direction. This is controlled by proximity sensors and rotation by a geared motor. THE SYSTEM can be utilise both fresh and recycled water.

    PROTECTION The system is also protected from ice/ frost by use of a manual drain. There is also an option to all for automatic activation via a thermostat. This automatic activation closes the hydraulic power and injects air into the system piping while the brushes perform a rapid rotation in order to dry.


The standard system comes with 14 pre-loaded programs. This allows the operator a high degree of flexibility in the type of vehicles it can wash. The system also includes a sensor function that allows the automatic detection and effective washing of, for example: the space between tractor and trailer (or two trailers), the design of a ‘pick-up’, garbage trucks, buses with front and side mirror, tanks and silos. In addition to this, the modular design of the PLC control which includes an advanced microprocessor allows for flexible programming, easily customizable to meet customer requirements.


As a standard, all models of the Ciclope include a terminal remote control in addition to a touch screen control panel with LCD display and backlight. This acts as the interface with the PLC. This control system, through the panel allows the operator to easily change the wash parameters, such as program, wash cycle, scheduling and timing. The control panel also acts as a control diagnostic unit, relaying the inputs and outputs of the PLC in addition to displaying alarms and wash data – such as wash cycles.


All versions include spray arches designed to ensure complete coverage of the vehicle in either detergent/soap or water. The brush movement follows the comprehensive detergent distribution.


A series of metering pumps which include electrical variable flow allows the use of different types of chemical products (shampoo, emollient or wax) at variable concentrations. The concentration may be selected by the customer and then automatically set. This system minimizes the consumption of chemicals by optimising the operational efficiency of the brush modules.


The series provides either two (binary standard length 20 m) or three support poles that (length binary standard 25 m) support and connect the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and electrical cables that feed the portal/gantry. The supporting poles are built in hot dip galvanised and ready to be fixed to the ground (on request powder coating of gray RAL 7016).

On request, an option is available to utilise a cable chain (Caterpillar) that contains all the power and water connections. This is supported by suitable poles or with brackets for wall-mounting or on the floor.


Models 34 41 44 48
Amplitude (1) mm 4780 4780 4780 4780
Height mm 4450 5150 5450 5850
Length mm 2370 2370 2370 2370
Maximum amplitude washing mm 2900 2900 2900 2900
Maximum Height washing mm 3400 4100 4400 4800
Wheelbase rails mm 4140 4140 4140 4140
Weight Kg 1500 1650 1800 1950
Electric Power Supply (2) V/Hz 3~/ 400±10%/ 50
Installed Power (3) Kw 7,5 7,5 7,5 7,5
Pressure hydraulic supply bar 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5
  • (1) With splash guard on both sides
  • (2) Other voltages/frequencies are available on request  
  • (3) Consumption of only washing without HP pumps


CICLOPE is also fully customizable with a complete range of options. We are flexible and can meet your requirements.

SIDE SPLASH WALLS Controls water spray to within the wash bay area – helping to keep the bay clean. Supplied as standard in gray RAL 7016, other colors may be available at the specific request. GUIDE WHEELS REINFORCED Constructed of durable steel with a diameter 108 mm. Additional vehicle protection.

TRAFFIC LIGHTS (red/green) Installed on the frame of the portal. FASTLUBE™ Allows for a lubrication free maintenance regime. Allows for the inclusion of centralized bearings in the portal.




The utilisation of high pressure water through the Robojet system significantly improves washing performance. The standard Robojet package is located on either side of the portal – adjacent to the brushes which performs a high pressure wash along the sides and tyre area of the vehicle up to a height of 1500mm. A swivel arm driven by a geared motor and equipped with a rotating jet nozzle plate and driven by a high pressure pump (60 bar/9.2Kw) contours the shape of the vehicle. This is done through an intelligent control the enables the arm to wash areas of the vehicle unaccessible by the brush modules.



All versions can be equipped with a drying system capable of removing the excess water from the upper parts of the vehicle (windows) at the end of the washing cycle. Composed of two blowers (5.5 Kw each) installed on each side of the portal controlled by PLC with automatic operation cycle driven by photocells.



In most countries, there are legal restrictions on vehicles carrying mud on their tyres or underchassis and dirtying the roads. The CICLOPE offers two automated, high pressure solutions for washing both the tyres and under chassis of vehicles. Both systems are automatically activated via photocell and located at the entrance of the wash bay.



The chassis wash unit is recessed at floor level and the nozzles are positioned to direct the water jets under the vehicle to clean in a safe but effective manner. Powered by high pressure pump (60 bar/9.2Kw).



In order to obtain perfect washing results, it is important to incorporate touchless washing along the sides and under chassis of the vehicle. UCS is a combination wash package that includes both the Robojets (focusing on the sides and wheels of the vehicle) and an under-chassis system. This high performance combination is powered by a high pressure pump (60 bar 18Kw).

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