My Name’s GLOBO



Push buttons panel and touchscreen

The washing programs and further accessory components can be selected directly from an embedded touchscreen.


Stainless steel tow

The stainless steel tow is composed by dragging rolls that move vehicles from the front wheels through the car washing stations of the tunnel.

Its speed varies according to the number of cars,whose washing is required.

Its length, and consequently the length of the tunnel, are determined by the desired washing capacity and by the length of the surface available: from 10 to 53 meters, for tyres until 360 mms.


Self-aligning platform

This incoming device is considered to be a necessary accessory in the tunnel system either for simplifying problematic accesses or for easing the drivers’ maneuvers.

In fact this self-aligning platform placed at the floor level on the rolls, guides correctly the wheels of vehicle to be washed.


Pre-wash Arch with foam

The arch appointed for the chemical products distribution is composed by:

Foaming Emollient: 4 vertical foaming nozzles with foam reactor and dispensing pump; it removes the dirt in an excellent way.  

Chemical product for rims: 2 nozzles with dispensing pump spray a specific detergent on the rims; it assures the dirt removal.  


High-pressure system

Especially in the fast-washing cycle, a high-pressure and automatic washing is required to prepare the vehicle efficiently at the main washing station.  The high-pressure will cover the entire surface of the vehicle in an manner thanks to its rotary heads (lateral) and the horizontal blade, which are powered by 3 pumps of 40lt/min 80 bar.


Wheel washer and under-doors device

It is composed by two side brushes installed on the chassis, which are able to adhere perfectly to the vehicle’s’ profiles.  The washing process is improved by the rotatory movement of the wheels of the vehicle during the forward phase.  

Side- washer

It represents one of the fundamental elements of the tunnel. It is usable for the under-door washing, fenders, bumpers, and for the lower side parts. The height of the car wash is 1000 mm.


5-brush car wash group

The 5-brush car wash group is composed by 4 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush, which could be integrated with foaming devices, polishing, a second horizontal brush  and the FAST TRUCK system.  

The first couple of vertical brushes is addressed to the washing of the frontal and the side zone of the vehicle.

The horizontal brush washes the bonnet, the front glass, the top and the load compartment door.

The second couple of brushes is dedicated to the washing of the sides and the back part of the car.

All brushes are electronically monitored through the measurement of the active power, which helps to adapt softly to every kind of profile in order to optimise the degree of efficiency.



The drying group is composed by 1 horizontal tilting blade (35 degrees) and by two vertical blades.

The vertical blade on the right approaches to the vehicle to provide an optimal drying.


Portal drying

The waterdrops that remain after the drying through the fans are removed thanks to the two vertical brushes and to one horizontal brush. These brushes are made of textile absorbent material, which dry and create a polishing effect on the  paintwork of the vehicle through their rotation.